NO YOU’RE CRYING: Daughters Surprise Their Dad With A Trip To The Super Bowl

NO YOU’RE CRYING: Daughters Surprise Their Dad With A Trip To The Super Bowl
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Every year as Father’s Day approaches, we’re inundated with stories about great dads doing amazing dad things. Awesome dad stories are always intriguing because as a culture, we are fascinated by men who are legitimately interested in helping to raise their children – let alone men who are actually good at it.

If you’re a person with a really good dad, I assume you know what I’m talking about – because when people hear that, they react as if you told them that you were lovingly raised by a pack of wolves and a panther. I’d know, because I’m one of those people that is fascinated by kick-ass dad stories.

Simply put, fatherhood is something that a lot of dudes never quite nail – try as they might. That’s why Courtyard, the “Official Hotel of the NFL”, went all out to celebrate the Hall of Fame-level fathering of die hard Minnesota Vikings fan, Prentice Kugler. With the help of Jared Allen, Kugler’s teenage daughters, Rafferty and Hattie, surprised him with a tour of the Vikings new state-of-the-art stadium, and a whole lot more.

I’d tell you to keep you’re composure but honestly, just grab the tissues now. This is a father that is adored by two TEENAGE GIRLS, which is an historical feat akin to walking on the moon. In fact, this might be an even more giant leap for mankind: 

Tanya Ray Fox

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