Not Even The Broncos Knew Peyton Manning Was Going To Run That Naked Bootleg

  • Eric Goldschein

peyton manning

During the 51-48 shootout between the Broncos and Cowboys yesterday (which was won by the team that does not have Tony Romo as its quarterback), something beautiful might have caught your eye. No, not Tony Romo’s wife: I’m talking about that naked bootleg that Peyton Manning ran in for a touchdown near the end of the first half.

This was Peyton’s first rushing touchdown since 2008. It fooled everybody, from the Cowboys defense (clearly) to the CBS cameraman (also clearly):

In fact, Peyton apparently didn’t even tell his own teammates that he was taking it himself (via ESPN):

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning said, in order to get everyone else on offense to sell it as a business-as-usual run play, he didn’t tell anyone, either in the huddle or on the sideline, that he planned to run the naked bootleg for a 1-yard touchdown just before halftime. He made the decision as soon the Dallas defender covering tight end Julius Thomas went in motion with the tight end. “If you do it every five years, it’s a good tendency-breaker,’’ Manning said.

Whoa. Considering all the weapons Manning has on his team, a team that you could totally stack in fantasy, having this in his arsenal opens up a whole new level to the red zone offense. Teams won’t expect Peyton, who’s very slow, to try that again this season. But they’ll have to watch for it, knowing how effective it was in fooling everybody on the field and in the booth. Bottom line: The Broncos are good.

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