Now There’s Video Of The Husband Who Tasered His Wife Over A Packers Vs. Bears Bet

  • Rick Chandler

You remember John Grant: he’s the Illinois truck driver who tasered his wife to settle a bet the two had on the Packers-Bears Monday Night Football game a week ago. Supposedly the agreement was that the winner of the game got to taze the loser, but the wife called the cops claiming she never agreed to it. It didn’t really matter, seeing that possessing an unlicensed stun gun in Wisconsin, where this took place, is a felony.

John Grant was arrested, and could go to prison.

And now video has surfaced of the incident, which happened outside of a bar (naturally) in Mayville, Wis. Seems that the wife’s claim that she was an unwilling participant is not true: not only is she laughing in the video, but a series of text messages indicates she agreed to the bet.

Does this get John Grant off the hook? We would say no. Not only are his actions asinine, but encouraging a friend to video the whole thing should get him locked up just on principle.

But let’s look at the video again and watch the WGN-TV Chicago co-anchors yuk it up over a man tasing a woman (screenshot below). Amazingly inappropriate comment from co-anchor on the left: “You had the feeling that the husband just couldn’t wait …”

Yeah, hahahaha! Domestic abuse with weapons is fun!