Now Witness The Firepower Of This Fully Armed And Operational 25-Foot Stripper Pole

  • Rick Chandler

Rick’s Cabaret is a “gentlemen’s club” in New York City that’s made quite a reputation for itself over the past few years, whether it’s in reaching out to wide-eyed innocents like Eli Manning, or to society’s depraved, wretched underbelly. In other words, they play the PR game quite masterfully.

Now a licensed subsidiary of Rick’s — Vivid Night Club (also in NYC) — has brought in the big guns (ahem) for Super Bowl week. Presenting the 25-foot stripper pole.

Not since Julius Caesar built giant catapults during the siege of Avaricum has such an enormous weapon been employed. I pray that it is used for good.

Rick’s Cabaret regional manager Shaun Kevlin says that the new pole will accommodate three strippers at once, and will debut during the club’s “soft opening” this weekend.

“We’ve kind of gone back to the basics of the gentleman’s club industry. A lot of New York got away from that and started to do just dances, but we’re bringing back that fun atmosphere of pole tricks, girls sliding up, down.”

The official “G-string cutting ceremony” will be on Jan. 29, the day NYC’s Super Bowl Boulevard opens to the public. Which means that residents should be on the alert for Rob Ford’s arrival at approximately that time.