OBJ Watch: Who Does Odell Beckham Play for Next?

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the league’s premiere wideouts. Since entering the league, OBJ has been considered one of the top receivers in the game. Beckham Jr. remains an unsigned free agent after his injury in Super Bowl LVI this past year against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Who Does Odell Beckham Play for Next?

There are currently no guarantees for the LSU alum. However, many inside reports in the league believe there is a strong possibility that Beckham will stay in LA with the Rams. Following the signing of wide receiver Allen Robinson II, it was expected that the SEC product would be the odd man out, but it seems LA has other ideas.

The Rams’ head coach, Sean McVay, has gone on the record to say on multiple occasions that he hopes to bring back Odell soon. While OBJ has yet to re-sign, don’t count the Rams out.

Buffalo Bound?

In recent weeks, Beckham Jr. and former Rams teammate Von Miller have flirted with the idea of teaming up on the Buffalo Bills. Through multiple social media posts, the two former teammates seem to like the idea of running it back in Buffalo.

Beckham Jr. commented on Miller’s Instagram post, saying, “What’s the locker next to u look like!!!?” Miller would reply, “Let’s chase this ring…AGAIN,” triggering yet another interesting message from Beckham. The wideout replied, saying, “Von don’t start this. U know how it ended last time….” Could this be a hint at a future deal getting done?

If Beckham were to join the Bills, with MVP favorite Josh Allen as his quarterback, the wideout would be a massive addition in Buffalo once he fully recovers from his ACL injury.

A return to the Giants?

Beckham had some of his best seasons in New York. A return by OBJ could be interesting to pair with Brian Daboll, the new head coach and offensive guru for the Giants. 

Odell has commented to Giants fans and others recently recommending a return to New York.

“Come back to New York, we need you ASAP no rocky,” posted a Giants fan, to which OBJ replied, saying, “I do miss my damn squad! Wanted to win a ring for that city.”

The wideout seems to enjoy free agency on social media, but this is something to watch moving forward.

Colts and Packers, Among Other Options

The Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers are two teams that have reportedly had an internal discussion about bringing in the wideout. These two teams need wide receivers, so it stands to reason that the best receiver on the market would attract interest.

Aaron Rodgers would immediately become Beckham’s best quarterback to date, and once healthy, the WR1 spot would seemingly be his to take.

On the other hand, the Colts seem to be set back a bit by the receiver’s injury and are waiting to see how his rehab progresses in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, the wide receiver could be a considerable boost in an offense under Frank Reich and a quarterback like Matt Ryan, whom OBJ openly supports.

The star receiver is taking his time with his free agency decision, but these are some teams to watch as the season nears closer and closer.