Of Course A Bunch Of Major Fashion Designers Made Ridiculous Football Helmets For Super Bowl XLVIII

  • Jake O'Donnell

New York is the undisputed fashion capital of the world, and by the looks of it, the industry’s heavy hitters aren’t all that thrilled about sharing the spotlight with something as low-brow as the Super Bowl (yuck!). So, naturally, your Donna Karan’s and Kenneth Cole’s have rolled out these fashion-forward, high-brow football helmets that have been siting in display cases at Bloomingdales, terrifying children.

The ones over at Macy’s, however, seem to only terrify people who see their price tags. No joke, they’re selling small and normal sized, hand-painted, Seahawks and Broncos-themed helmets for upwards of $5,700. Dead serious. That’s a steep price for some rather ugly memorabilia. And no, Eli Manning has not had them doctored to appear game worn.

Bloomingdale’s is auctioning off the helmets in conjunction with the NFL Foundation, whereby all proceeds go toward improving the “safety of sports, youth football and the communities in which we live.” Hey, what better way to improve the safety of football than to introduce a helmet covered in spikes, right?


Photos via Bloomingdales.com