Of Course There's A Petition To Keep Tony Romo Away From Spurs' Games Because He's Cursed

  • Rick Chandler

The facts: Tony Romo attended Dallas Mavericks home playoff games. The Mavs were ousted in the first round to the Spurs, 4 games to 3. Romo also attended Dallas Stars home playoff games. Stars lost in first round to Anaheim Ducks, 4 games to 2.

But that’s not all. There’s actually a quite extensive list of basketball teams that have lost games this season die to Romo’s very presence: Clippers (lost Game 6 to visiting Thunder, ending their season), Duke, Wisconsin, SMU, Indiana Pacers.

So a Spurs fan, who is sore afraid, has taken matters into his own hands. He’s started a petition at White House.org to officially ban Romo from any Spurs’ home playoff games. The man’s name is Jeff Garcia (not the former NFL quarterback, we’re assuming):

Tony Romo hasn’t been a good luck charm for the Dallas Cowboys. In fact he has been somewhat of a curse in Dallas and for any home sports team he watches from the stands. This is well documented. Just ask Duke, Clippers, Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks even the TNT show Dallas. Here in San Antonio we want our Spurs to win the entire enchilada. Tony Romo will only bring his curse into the AT&T Center and his mojo will make the Spurs lose. In fact we should send him into Russia. That Putin mess would be so over. Please America let’s stand together and stop the Tony Romo curse. Go Spurs go!

We’re not sure how Jeff knows that Romo was a regular watcher of the TNT series “Dallas”, but as far as we can tell that’s still on the air. Did he mean the show now sucks since Romo started watching it?

Also: witness this shocking footage of Romo apparently chewing tobacco at Spurs-Mavs game.

As of Friday, this petition had less than 100 signatures. THANKS OBAMA.