Of Course This Jets Fan Can’t Quite Burn And Rip His Mark Sanchez Jersey To Shreds

  • Dylan Murphy

Here we have a Jets fan, partaking in the customary ritual burning of a jersey belonging to a despised athlete. Mark Sanchez, in this case, for blowing his team’s playoff chances and generally sucking for the entirety of his career. They did it to LeBron when he defected to Cleveland, and it didn’t seem too difficult then.

But this is the New York Jets, after all, the buttfumbling New York Jets, and nothing comes quite so easily. Like ripping a jersey in half, or burning it with a lighter. Though our disheartened fan does claim triumph towards the end of the video, a spec of flame consuming a corner of Jets green, everything is a struggle these days.

And to make matters worse, he pulls off the Sanchez jersey only to reveal a Mets t-shirt. As in these Mets.