Of The Past 16 QBs To Win The Heisman, Guess Who’s The Only One With An NFL Playoff Victory As A Starter?

  • Rick Chandler

Hint: he played college ball in the state of Florida. So … Danny Wuerffel! Thanks for playing folks, and now let’s move on to our next po … wait, what?

No, Wuerffel, who played for the Florida Gators, never did it. And of course you know the answer to this quiz, but can’t get up the nerve to blurt it out. Go on, say his name, SAY IT.

Among the past 16 quarterbacks to win the Heisman, there has been a grand total of one NFL playoff win as a starter. And that winner was Tim Tebow. The magic happened in Jan., of 2012, as the Broncos beat the Steelers in OT, 29-23, on Tebow’s 80-yard bomb to Demaryius Thomas.

This says more about the Heisman winners than it does Tebow, I’m afraid. One has to go back to Vinny Testaverde, who won the Heisman in 1986 at the University of Miami, to find someone who had a modicum of NFL success. And before him there were plenty, but since 1987 there haven’t been many Heisman quarterbacks who have done much, NFL playoff-wise.

So, then, which Heisman-winning QB has the most NFL playoff wins as a starter? Answer below.*

And now, check out the Gif action from USA Today. Trippy.

* = Roger Staubach, 11 (tied for sixth on all-time list among all QBs).