OK, He’s Starting To Scare Me. Jim Harbaugh: ‘I Get A Real Kick Out Of Watching People Directing Traffic. I’ve Watched It For Hours’

  • Rick Chandler

When you think about it, isn’t a football coach a sort of glorified traffic cop? No? OK, I fail at analogies. Wait, what about the whistle? Still nothing? Damn it.

Well, the reason I mention it is that Jim Harbaugh on Tuesday busted out the most arcane, off-the-wall reference I’ve ever heard in an interview with an NFL coach, and that’s saying something considering I’ve heard a few by Barry Switzer and Denny Green.

The 49ers are in their final week of OTAs, and Harbaugh was being questioned by the media in Santa Clara. Eventually the conversation turned to Judge Judy. (Harbaugh and his father, Jack, visited a taping of the show recently, and it was aired on Monday).

Were you happy with how the case of the roommates with benefits was adjudicated on Judge Judy?

HARBAUGH: “I’ve never seen her adjudicate one improperly. She is so smart. She is so good. I can sit there and watch those cases all day. I really could. It’s fun to watch just somebody that does their job well. And I could watch Judge Judy do cases all day. I could watch people play football that do their job really well. People that direct traffic. I get a real kick out of watching people that are good at directing traffic do it. I’ve done it for hours, watched it. But, I like football the most. But, Judge Judy’s right up there. I love watching her do her job. She’s just the best.”

I can picture Harbaugh in a lawn chair near a busy intersection, eating popcorn and watching a traffic cop. It’s best to show up just before the shift change, so you can compare styles.

Harbaugh also had this bit of news:

Is [Judge Judy] coming up for a game?

HARBAUGH: “We’re going to invite her. We’re definitely going to invite her.”

Perhaps she can break down some defensive film and help figure out how to beat the Rams.

Here’s a glimpse of him in the audience during the show.

By the way, I’m not as big a fan of Judge Judy as Harbaugh is. I think she’s just a half-step above Jerry Springer, in that her producers search the bottom of the barrel for litigants. How often can I watch a case about a guy who didn’t pay back the car loan to his girlfriend because he considered it a gift? Let’s see Judge Judy adjudicate something useful, like the first class action lawsuit against BP for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. “You’re not listening, madam! I asked you, how many barrels of oil leaked before you sealed the well?”