The New Old Spice Commercials With Wes Welker And Jerod Mayo Are Really Weird

  • Eric Goldschein

Old Spice is the king of wacky commercials that make little sense but stick in your brain, like this one with the handsome guy who turns diamonds into body wash, or this one with Neil Patrick Harris. They’ve got a new campaign out to mark the start of football season, and there are a few with Wes Welker and Jerrod Mayo that will make you laugh.

Wes Welker is a SportsGrid favorite, so we’ll start with him. This first one is the best Welker ad of the bunch:

This next one is… what?

And finally, huh?

The Jerod Mayo one is the best, however. If only that was Belichick at the whiteboard.

Things I want to do today include buy an ass-ton of Old Spice and watch football.

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