One Lonely Tennessee Titans Fan Camped Out For A Full Day In A Parking Lot To Buy Tickets

  • Zach Berger

Tennessee Titans single-game tickets went on sale this morning. One man, David Kline, was brave enough to camp out to be first in line when the box office opened.

Here’s a video of a reporter waking him up for an interview:

Why in the world did Kline get to the stadium nearly 24 hours before sale time!? He was still the only one there the next morning. This man is very dedicated to a ridiculous tradition and a mediocre football team.

The best part of the video is probably when Kline wonders aloud why nobody does this anymore. Come on, David. There’s the Internet now. It’s also the Titans.

He himself is walking proof that camping out is unnecessary because you can show up the morning of and be second on line behind David Kline. But he can’t figure out why he’s all alone sleeping on pavement in a parking lot outside of a box office.

I’m going to lose sleep tonight trying to figure out why this guy slept in a parking lot for Titans tickets.