One Move Each 2016 Playoff Team Should Make This Off-Season

One Move Each 2016 Playoff Team Should Make This Off-Season
  • Brett McCord

Now that the 2016 NFL Season is over, crazy NFL fans are already thinking about next season and the possibilities what could happen this off-season. All 32 teams are starting to map out a plan that can get them to Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota. The 12 playoff teams from 2016 want to have another chance at the playoffs next year so they can prove they are the real deal and make it to the big stage. Here is a move each playoff team should make this upcoming off-season that can give them a better chance of making it to Super Bowl 52.

1. New England Patriots- Re-sign Martellus Bennett: The 2017 Super Bowl Champions would be stupid to let Marty B walk away after the season he had filling in for Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots offense is already unstoppable and having Bennett and Gronk on the field at the same time is something people have been waiting to see. Bring Bennett back and let Tom Brady show what its like to have two star tight ends on one team.

2. Kansas City Chiefs- Re-sign Dontari Poe: Dontari Poe is becoming one of the best defensive lineman in the game of football. The 6’3 345 pound beast is coming off a season where he had a running touchdown and a passing touchdown to go along with his impressive defensive stats. This guy is too good and too fun to let go and the Chiefs are very close to being great. Re-Sign Poe use him as a fullback and turn him into the modern day “Fridge”.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Re-sign Le’Veon Bell: This is the easiest decision any team in the NFL has to make. Le’Veon Bell has changed the game of football with his running skills and the Steelers need him to make another deep playoff run. Big Ben, Antonio Brown and Bell are arguably the best trio in the NFL and you cannot just let that end. Bring back Bell on a long-term deal and let this trio thrive for the next 2-4 years.

4. Houston Texans- Sign Tony Romo*: IF the Dallas Cowboys release Tony Romo, the Houston Texans need to jump. The Texans have an amazing defense who will be getting back JJ Watt and crazy talent on the offense with DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Miller and Will Fuller. The Texans need to realize they are not going to win with 72 million dollar man Brock Osweiler behind center. The Texans should do whatever it takes to get Romo and if they do the NFL should definitely look out for the Houston Texans.

5. Oakland Raiders- Sign Mark Sanchez: This might seem like a joke but the Oakland Raiders need a backup QB. The Raiders had the talent last year to make it to the Super Bowl but a late season injury to Derek Carr ended those hopes. Bringing in a veteran like Sanchez will help if anything happens to Carr throughout the season. Sanchez has made it to two AFC Conference Championship games and can definitely handle this talented offense better than Matt McGloin and Connor Cook. If Carr stays healthy, Sanchez can serve as a great offensive mind on the sidelines like he did for the Cowboys last season.

6. Miami Dolphins- Sign Eric Berry: Last season we saw the emergence of Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry and this fun Miami Dolphins team. No one in the NFL ever took them serious though because of their sub-par defense. They have Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh but they have a very unimpressive secondary. The Dolphins have been known to sign big names in free agency and there aren’t many players bigger than Eric Berry. If the Chiefs don’t bring him back he is a perfect fit to become a leader in the Dolphins secondary. Berry is one of the best to play the safety position and he would make this Dolphins team very scary.

1. Dallas Cowboys- Sign DeMarcus Ware: The Dallas Cowboys 2017 season is one for the books but after losing to the Packers in the divisional round the Cowboys are starving for greatness. Dak, Zeke and Dez have that offense ready to go and need the defense to step up. Pass-rush is their biggest weakness and this calls for a DeMarcus Ware reunion. Ware won a Super Bowl ring two years ago with the Broncos and it’s time to bring his leadership and experience back to the Dallas Cowboys. This move could help send the Cowboys to Super Bowl 52.

2. Atlanta Falcons- Sign JPP: History shows it is very hard to make it to the Super Bowl the year after losing it. If the Falcons want to make it back to the big stage they need to make a splash in free agency and signing Jason Pierre-Paul would definitely have the rest of the league nervous. Dwight Freeney’s career is probably over so they need another pass rusher alongside budding star Vic Beasley. Another plus side of signing JPP: he knows how to stop Brady in a Super Bowl.

3. Seattle Seahawks- Sign an Offensive Lineman: Russell Wilson wants to make it back to the Super Bowl after losing the last time he appeared. The quickest way to do that would to rehab the offensive line. Seahawks were ranked in the top 10 in sacks allowed and ranked in the 20s when it comes to running the ball. The O-Line needs to be upgraded and two free agents that can help are Andrew Whitworth and Ronald Leary. Whitworth has been an outstanding tackle in the league for years but his time in Cincinnati is done. Leary was part of the amazing O-Line in Dallas this year that helped Zeke run for 1,600 yards but with La’el Collins coming back from injury it is doubtful the Cowboys re-sign Leary. Both of these lineman would be a huge upgrade for Russell Wilson and help this offense perform at its best.

4. Green Bay Packers- Sign Latavius Murray: The Green Bay Packers need a running back. Last season they were so desperate they used WR Ty Montgomery in the back field and let him be the starter. It is time for Aaron Rodgers to have a quality running back to make this offense whole for the first time since Eddy Lacy’s rookie year. Latavius Murray has been an interesting name in Oakland over the past couple of seasons, but it looks like the Raiders want to go in a different direction this off season. The Packers need to finally make a move in free agency and sign this former Pro-Bowler.

5. New York Giants- Acquire Adrian Peterson: Every year there is a ridiculous rumor about Adrian Peterson and many reports of the Minnesota Vikings wanting to part way with him. This year the AP drama might actually come true. AP has an $18 million cap hit next season and his age is definitely coming into question. The Giants offense has not had a run game in a few years and after the release of Rashad Jennings, it looks like the Giants are about to be looking for a new RB. Peterson would be a solid addition to the Giants offense and gives them a chance to beat out the Cowboys in the NFC East.

6. Detroit Lions- Sign Desean Jackson: The Detroit Lions at one point looked like a very scary team in 2016 and then ended up losing their last 4 games. If Detroit ever wants to turn Matthew Stafford in to an MVP caliber QB, they need to put more weapons around him and help out Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. Desean Jackson is a very interesting name this offseason. Jackson’s rep isn’t pristine, but he is unquestionably talented. Sign him to a 1-year deal and see how he does with Stafford. Jackson might be the missing puzzle piece this offense has been looking for.