UPDATE: Michael Vick Has Canceled Oprah Appearance

  • Brad Cohen

UPDATE: According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, Michael Vick has canceled his Oprah appearance. Piers Morgan is having fun with it on Twitter. More as this develops.

Here’s our original post on Oprah’s bet with Piers Morgan:

Oprah Winfrey beat out CNN’s Piers Morgan in the race for an exclusive interview with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, but only after she agreed to drop a $300 bet the two had made on who would be the first to interview Vick.

Morgan says Vick’s people demanded the bet be canceled before he go on either show, because they didn’t want him to be associated with gambling, no matter how loosely, as he continues to rebuild his image.

Meanwhile, as Yahoo! Sports points out, football fans wager millions of dollars on each of Vick’s games. If he doesn’t want to be associated with gambling, he might want to choose a new profession.

When Oprah heard that news that she must cancel the wager, she tweeted to Morgan and her 5 million-plus followers, “@piersmorgan I’m pulling out of the bet. I don’t know why I let you talk me into it. I don’t gamble. Still love you.”

Morgan made the wager Oprah last month when she was the inaugural guest on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.” Even then, Vick said Oprah “will probably win, because I know nothing about that other guy.”

And of course Vick chose Oprah and her cleansing powers for what will surely be his sorrowful apology. Let’s just hope when Vick visits Oprah on Feb. 24, she doesn’t throw up softballs for him the way she did when Marion Jones sat down to talk about her steroid use after her prison release.