Now That Our Pretty Much Screwed Preview Is Complete, We’d Like To Hear From You: Why Is Your Team Not Screwed?

  • Eric Goldschein

Over the last month, we previewed every NFL single team with one idea in mind: Only one team wins the Super Bowl every year. That’s just science. The rest of the league? Well, unless you’re cool with 2nd place, or 32nd place, you’re Pretty Much Screwed.

Of course, there is a element of the fantastic here, because some of these franchises will have good seasons and there’s no way the Chiefs and Eagles, just to name two, can be as bad this year as they were last year.

But hey — if you completely disagree with our estimations, let us know. Send me your reason why the Jaguars, the Redskins, the Raiders or whoever else you senselessly root for is going to have a great year at Make it less than 300 words, put “Not Screwed” in the title, and we’ll publish the best responses right here, on the site, before the season kicks off. That way you can brag to everyone that you knew, you just knew that the Lions were going to make a run this year. That is, if anyone really feels that way.

So put on your sense of humor face and check out our thoughts on the 2013-14 season. Good luck to your team, but remember — in all likelihood, it’s not going to end well.

Please note that different writers were assigned different teams for this series, therefore the standings are not reflective of one another. They are individual predictions.