Packer Fans To Get Reality TV Show, America To Lose Will To Live

  • Joe Levine

Reality television is a breeding ground of fat, uneducated, socially dysfunctional people obsessed with one bizarre thing or another. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Green Bay Packer fans got their own show.

The culprit: Style Network, who are working on a pilot about Packer fans, who are Lambeau Leaping at the chance to be the next fat trainwreck superstars of America. Here are the details, via the AP:

They showed up in their best, and sometimes bizarre, green and gold to show their allegiance to the Green Bay Packers and to audition for a reality show about cheesehead fans.

Producers from Style Network plan to shoot a pilot about the Packers faithful and met with about 80 fans Thursday night at the Stadium View bar near the team’s headquarters at Lambeau Field.

Casting associate Kjerstin Johnson says they’re looking for the most energetic, loudest and passionate fans they can find. The Green Bay Press-Gazette says producers plan to film a pilot before the end of the year. Fans wore cheeseheads, team jerseys loaded with Packer buttons and plenty of green-and-gold jewelry to the audition.

The Style Network’s shows include “Big Rich Texas”, “Jerseylicious” and “Tia & Tamera.”

Not entirely sure when this kind of programming became a part of the Style Network’s voice, but then again, I’m also not sure what anything MTV does has to do with music, or what any of VH1’s programming has to do with Video Hockey, so whatever. Good for Style for finding another community in America’s rich underbelly of narcissists willing to put their lives on television for a few bucks and a lifetime of ridicule.