Pacman Jones Slaps Girl, Is Still Pacman Jones (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

Remember when Adam “Pacman” Jones, the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, had turned a new leaf and left his criminal past behind him for a new, cleaner image? Neither do I.

Jones was charged with assault after slapping a woman on the evening of Wednesday, June 5th at a bar in downtown Cincinnati. As seen in the video below, there is some sort of verbal altercation that occurred before the incident.

Jones approached the girl and they spoke briefly before she held out what appears to be a bottle of beer and began pouring it on Pacman. He became enraged and hit the girl hard enough that she ended up on the ground.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported earlier that the woman and a friend had asked to take a picture with Jones, but he later said that he rejected the offer because he didn’t want his wife to see a picture of him with two women and get the wrong idea.

Jones tweeted this today, presumably in response to the incident:

Below is a video of the incident from a security camera:

[h/t to Dan Gialluca for sending us the video]