Panthers Wide Receiver Steve Smith On Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez: ‘He Sucks’

  • Eric Goldschein

People thinking Mark Sanchez sucks is nothing new. But hearing a current NFL player trash him in public like Steve Smith yesterday takes it to a whole new level. Turns out, other people besides disgruntled Jets fans don’t like Buttfumble much either.

Smith was co-hosting “The Drive” on WFNZ 610-AM in Charlotte when Sanchez was brought up. Smith did not mince words. His full response:

“He sucks. I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.”

To which we say:

And to which Mark Sanchez said:

“I wish him and his team a healthy, successful season.”

Aw, come on Mark! Show a little gusto! Let’s hear you rip Steve Smith for being old. Or say something like, “I make $8 million a year, bro. My lunch comes in on a silver platter.”

The Jets and Panthers play each other Week 15. We’ll see if Sanchez still has a job by then — and if he does, whether he’ll let his performance on the field do the talking. In a positive way.

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