Man Known For Saying Crazy Things Says Crazy Thing About Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, And The Broncos

  • Glenn Davis

There are plenty of Tim Tebow detractors – people who don’t think he’s in any way fit to be a starting NFL quarterback. And considering the Broncos just signed another quarterback – albeit one of the best who’s ever played the game – to replace him and the Jets traded for him to be their backup (not to mention that he’s completed just over 47 percent of his passes over two seasons), those detractors have a lot to point to.

But that doesn’t mean his defenders have disappeared. No, they’re still out in full force, and in the case of one of those defenders, the events of the last couple days seemed to have only strengthened his pro-Tebow resolve. Actually, that resolve sounds like it’s been strengthened a little too much. The Tebow defender in question: televangelist Pat Robertson. And really, this was as much an anti-Broncos offensive (for treating Tebow “shabbily”) than it was a Tebow defense. It starts at the :47 mark below, via Mediaite:

You know, ol’ Pat was doing okay for a second there. The Broncos were more or less “a nothing team” before the (basically inexplicable) win streak they went on with Tebow starting, they did go to the playoffs, they did win a thrilling playoff game, and Tebow did have a bunch of great moments late in games (if many, many more terrible moments earlier in them). And then… the Peyton Manning injury thing.

Sure, he said the Broncos would have it coming if Manning got injured, not Manning himself. But one has to wonder: is Robertson capable of not saying that some entity that does not deserve something bad to happen does indeed deserve something bad to happen?

Honestly, Robertson’s done this enough times in worse ways (no word on whether the Broncos deserve a Manning injury more than the people of Haiti deserved the earthquake) that it’s hard to get too worked up over this instance, but still, saying a guy’s injury might be a just comeuppance for trading away a player you like better: not the best argument. We at least hope that if Peyton were to get injured, Robertson might offer him something that could maybe help relieve his pain.