Patrick Willis Killed A Snake With His Pellet Gun And Posted The Pictures To The Internet; Internet Mad

  • Eric Goldschein

If you’re a running back/wide receiver/offensive skill player, Patrick Willis will crush you if you cross the middle of the field. A similar fate will befall you if you are a snake in his yard.

Willis posted a photo stitch of the snake execution, which appears to have taken place yesterday, on his Facebook. Whether somebody should be shooting snakes at point blank range with a pellet gun is a questionable — but regardless, probably shouldn’t post the photos to Facebook afterward. People tend to get angry about shooting animals without cause. And then people get angry at those people. And that’s how Internet fights break out.

Here’s what Willis posted:

And here are just a few of the responses posted to his page:

I probably wouldn’t have shot the snake. I also don’t think it matters what Willis does on his property. In the end, the only lesson gleaned here: When doing something questionable, don’t let the Internet get ahold of the evidence.

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