The Patriots Devoured Some Turkey Legs Just Like They Devoured The Jets

  • Glenn Davis

The Patriots didn’t finish off these turkey legs quite like they beat the Jets last night. For an equivalent slaughter, the turkey would have had to be alive, with the assembled Pats players ripping off the legs of the still-living turkey, eating them raw and kneeling down on the turf to lick up the blood while singing the song about killing a man Chris Elliott sang while “playing” FDR (fast forward to the 3:10 mark of that clip to hear it).

Besides, as you’ll see, not every Patriot was as thrilled to be chowing down as they were to be leaving the Jets in ruins. A Jets-like thrashing of the turkey would have meant all three guys diving at it, furiously grabbing and tearing it apart until it was no more. Also, the turkey would have fumbled. Don’t ask us how, but it would have. Still, the turkey session managed to produce some enduring images. Enjoy a few of them with us below, won’t you?


And if you want to see how the entire thing played out, there’s also video of Patriots players eating turkey legs, because there is video of everything.

Screengrabs not from video via Bryan A. Graham, @FLEXISCORE, @proCanes, CJ Fogler