Patriots Send E-Mail To Fans Pushing Tebow Jersey Pre-Orders… Seriously

  • Zach Berger

It hasn’t been 24 hours since the news broke that Tim Tebow will sign with the New England Patriots, and the team is already trying to capitalize on the holiest player in the National Football League with jersey pre-orders.

Despite widespread reports that he is going to have to compete for a roster spot and has no assurance that he will be on the team come opening day as evidenced by his contract which includes no guaranteed money, the Patriots realize that Tebow is a cash cow and they are apparently going to take advantage of that while they can.

As you can see below, the e-mail, which was reportedly sent out minutes after the signing was announced, is offering an excellent deal in which you can pre-order the jersey of a player that probably won’t be on the roster in a few months and you don’t have to pay for shipping. Forget about the fact that it will soon be a useless piece of cloth that cost you $99.95, because that’s all it will cost you with that great shipping deal they’re offering!

This has to make you wonder: did the Patriots actually make a publicity and money-driven move to sell some jerseys? Was Patriots owner Robert Kraft behind this signing, similar to the situation in New York last year where Jets owner Woody Johnson pushed the Tebow trade on his general manager? Is the football-first mentality in New England being thrown aside for Tim Tebow!?

The most probably answer: none of the above. Bill Belichick probably saw a player with a semi-decent skill set — I’m being generous — and a roster with two quarterbacks and thought that he’d bring a third in to compete for a spot without risking any money. But regardless, it is funny to see a Patriots Pro Shop e-mail trying to sell his jersey already.

[photo courtesy of the Denver Post]