Here’s How A Few Pats Fans Thanked Wes Welker For His 672 Receptions In Six Seasons

  • Glenn Davis

As you know, Wes Welker is a Denver Bronco. By all accounts his departure from the Patriots, with whom he’s enjoyed massive success since he joined the team in 2007, came down to feeling like the organization didn’t show him enough respect more so than the Broncos offering slightly more money. These things happen in sports – they’re big businesses, after all, and sometimes feelings are hurt and egos bruised.

Besides, things seem to have worked out for the best for all parties: Welker now finds himself on perhaps the best team in the league for a player like him other than the Pats, and given that New England almost immediately signed Danny Amendola to replace Welker, we imagine they’ll be fine too (so long as Tom Brady’s not too bummed out). So, Pats fans, while of course you’re not happy with how this all went down, chalk this one up to the cost of doing business, and we’re sure you can appreciate Welker for having six of the most productive seasons for a receiver in NFL history while he suited up for your te-

Oh. Well. Guess you don’t feel too appreciative right now. How about you over there? Surely you have something good to say about Welker’s Pats tenure, raging Australian man?

…Oh. Guess you’re having a tough time with it too. Well what about you, then? You, way over yonder? You have any fondness left for Welker?

…Guess not. Look, should Welker have caught that pass against the Giants? Definitely. But was it a perfect throw? We wouldn’t say so, and we bet Tom Brady wouldn’t say so either (remember what he said about his performance in the AFC title game that got the Pats to that Super Bowl). And does one (albet critical) drop undo 100-plus catches in five out of six years? We definitely wouldn’t say so.

To be fair, these videos are a small sample size relative to all of Pats fandom. It’s possible that most Pats fans came away from the Welker-to-Broncos news thinking more or less, “Well, that sucks, but it happens. Thanks, Wes, but we hope the Pats kick your ass in the playoffs next year.”

But to those who were moved to burn the jersey, whether or not they put it on Youtube: …really? Again, the guy averaged 112 catches per season with your team. Yeah, emotions run high when players leave, but your own team decided it didn’t want Welker enough to make a big play for him. Pats fans, weigh in with your thoughts on Welker’s departure… and let us know if there’s a way to be bitter enough about him leaving to burn his jersey without coming off like a petulant dick. We’re not seeing one.

h/t Keith