Pennsylvania HS Football Player Takes Off Opponent’s Helmet And Bashes Him In The Head With It

  • Jake O'Donnell

There are two reasons high school sports wind up in the news: Amazing plays and deplorable acts of violence. File this one under the latter. This incident happened all the way back in September, and now it’s official — the kid is facing legal action. Simple assault and disorderly conduct. Not sure if using someone else’s protective gear qualifies as “simple,” but we’ll assume the South Annville Township police are referring to the bludgeoning of a human skull with a heavy object.

Ya, that’s pretty straight forward.

[Gametime PA] The incident occurred Sept. 6 during the third quarter of a game between Hamburg and Annville-Cleona at A-C’s stadium in South Annville Township. During an on-field scuffle, Hamburg senior quarterback/safety Joseph Cominsky ripped the helmet off A-C offensive lineman Josh Hartman.

In a video of the incident shot by WGAL TV-8, which soon went viral, Cominsky could be seen twice swinging the helmet at Hartman. With the second swing, Cominsky could be seen striking Hartman on his head with the helmet while Hartman was lying on his back. Afterward, Hartman lay on the ground for a few moments, then got up and walked toward the sideline holding his head. He suffered a laceration to his scalp and was eventually cleared to return to the game. Cominsky was ejected from the game.

The quarterback? Damn. That’s a mean-ass passer. Instead of throwing a flag, referees should have nets that they throw to capture kids who want to behave like animals.