People Still Love Buying The Jersey Of The Browns' Backup Quarterback, For Some Reason

  • Eric Goldschein

johnny manziel browns

The numbers for the best-selling jerseys during the first quarter of the NFL’s fiscal year are in. And despite the fact that all anyone ever does is rag on the guy, Johnny Manziel has the league’s number one jersey — ahead of established names like Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick, and ahead of un-established names like Michael Sam.

We’ve talked about this before: Manziel, at this point, is a backup. He plays behind Brian Hoyer. But whether people expect Manziel to quickly get the nod over his undrafted and unheralded teammate, or they just want to be like LeBron, the Manziel jersey is hot right now.

Also, don’t mind that the Browns’ QB position is probably one of the least secure in all of sports… Johnny Football defies all logic.

Here’s the rest of the top 10, via ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

1. Johnny Manziel, Browns
2. Russell Wilson, Seahawks
3. Colin Kaepernick, 49ers
4. Peyton Manning, Broncos
5. Richard Sherman, Seahawks
6. Michael Sam, Rams
7. Tom Brady, Patriots
8. Drew Brees, Saints
9. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
10. 12th Fan, Seahawks

To some extent, the popularity of young guys like Manziel and Sam makes sense — no one had their jerseys before this year. Meanwhile, who’s really buying Tom Brady jerseys at this point? You’re telling me babies in New England aren’t wrapped in one after they cut the umbilical cord? But man, people sure are losing their shit over a guy who isn’t guaranteed to see the field this year.

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