Pete Carroll Is Mighty Pleased

  • Glenn Davis

Pete Carroll likes winning. You could even call it an obsession of his. And that obsession especially takes hold whenever Jim Harbaugh is involved, ever since this happened. So you can imagine how satisfied Carroll might be when his team not only demolishes a squad coached by Harbaugh, but clinches a playoff spot in the process. Specifically, this satisfied:

My friend used to do a cartoonishly exaggerated strut from time to time for fun (the Pimp Walk, he called it – this was around middle school). Above, Carroll is pretty much doing that walk… only my friend’s Pimp Walk fame peaked when he was doing it in the background of some footage that aired on our local town TV channel. Carroll did that on TV’s No. 1 show. And reaction was mixed. Some people find Carroll’s enthusiasm infectious. Others…

(Others are on the fence.) So, Pete, how would you respond to this criticism?


Gif/screencap via Kissing Suzy Kolber/Mike Tunison