Peter King: “Brett Favre Talks Too Much, Even Though He Doesn’t Talk That Much”

  • Dan Fogarty

Peter King went on Pardon the Interruption tonight to try to explain why Brett Favre has made a yearly habit out of turning his retirement plans into a media circus. His answer was, effectively, that Favre doesn’t know any better.

“How is it that [Favre] is always involved with these things?” Michael Wilbon asked King.

“Because I think that he speaks his mind with what he thinks at the time,” he responded. “Problem with Brett is, he doesn’t know he’s going to create such a firestorm at the time that he says things.”

Then he summed up Favre by dropping one of his trademark Kingisms:

“He just talks too much. Even though, really, he doesn’t talk too much.”

I don’t know, either. Video of the segment is here: