The Server Who Posted Peyton Manning’s Huge Tip On The Internet Was Fired Almost Immediately

  • Glenn Davis

Peyton Manning is an excellent tipper. How do we know? A waiter at Raleigh, N.C.’s Angus Barn steakhouse posted a photo of a somewhat lavish gratuity Manning left after eating there recently, assurances soon followed that it was the real deal, and everyone thought, “Boy, Peyton Manning, what a guy, am I right?” After all, while a $200 tip would have been more than sufficient, as the bill helpfully screams at you, “18% GRATUITY [is] INCLUDED.” So he actually left even more than it initially appeared. Server Jon was in luck.

And now, he’s out of a job.

According to the Triangle Business Journal, he was “immediately terminated” once the Angus Barn’s owner, Van Eure, learned that the tip was making the internet rounds. Honestly, it’s not that surprising – if you’re a restaurant, you don’t want people thinking their every move while dining there will then be dissected in the public sphere – even when it’s people saying nice things about what you did. Even so, Eure was really upset about this:

“This goes against every policy we have. It’s just horrible.”

Is it, though? Again, we can understand why she’s upset here, but on balance, we’re not sure this was such a bad thing for her establishment. It sure got people talking about it, for one thing – and if Peyton tipped that much, he must have enjoyed his experience there. Plus, no one that we saw really even talked about the fact that it was unfair to Peyton to post the tip online – they just talked about how generous the tip was. Maybe there are better ways for your restaurant to be in the limelight, but there are also a ton of way way worse ones. And overall, we’re just kind of glad that there’s a “rich person’s tip” story that’s actually real.