Photo Finish: Can Green Bay’s Cheeseheads Sue For This?

  • Glenn Davis

The Green Bay Packers are one of the NFL’s signature franchises, and therefore have one of the NFL’s signature fan bases. Packers fans are so well-known that even a piece of foam shaped like a block of cheese that many wear on their heads is now practically synonymous with the Packers franchise itself. So will they stand for what you see above?

It seems that the Atlanta Falcons, apparently in honor of quarterback Matt Ryan (or Matty Ice, as he’s often called), started selling a head accessory of their own (inspired, no doubt, by the Packers’ success in this area). Yes, you too can apparently be an “Icehead” if you go to a game down at the Georgia Dome. The Iceheads didn’t appear to lift Ryan up to a higher level, though, as Ryan completed just 15 of 29 passes for 148 yards in a 17-14 loss.

Packers fans: flattering tribute, or shameless piggybacking?

Getty photo, via