PHOTO: Ines Sainz Spotted At Super Bowl Media Day

  • Dan Fogarty

Star-Ledger (N.J.) reporter Steve Politi tweeted this photo of Ines Sainz at Super Bowl media day, and we officially have our first Ines sighting of the week.

Politi tweeted, “Oh, Inez. Somehow, she makes the stadium feel less gaudy.”

Sainz will obviously attract a lot of attention during the week, and will be the only member of the media that’s interviewed more than some of the players (this means you, Packers longsnapper Brett Goode). After she was involved in a sexual harassment controversy with the New York Jets (and subsequently picked them for the Super Bowl), Sainz sort of represents the golden unicorn of non-football subplots this week.

As you can see from this photo, she’s already being asked questions. A few interesting things to keep an eye on this week: does she spend more time interviewing players, or being interviewed herself? Does she take a more serious line of questioning with the players she interviews? And how do the players interact with her? Are they noticeably careful around her, maybe even tense, because they don’t want to be accused of any sort of tomfoolery when all eyes are on them?

Here are the photos of Sainz at media day (we’ve also included a photo tweeted by Albert Breer, via The Big Lead). Expect these to pour in periodically (or like an avalanche) throughout the week.