If Your Team Isn’t In The Super Bowl, This Will Surely Cheer You Up

  • Dan Fogarty

Following a public outcry, Playboy playmate Jaime Edmondson has agreed to model team gear for all 32 NFL teams (although I’m not exactly sure where you could buy this particular apparel). You see, to illustrate Playboy’s NFL playoff picks, Edmondson was the subject of a photo shoot that saw her model clothes for the 12 postseason teams.

But as Jimmy Traina from Sports Illustrated points out, fans of the other playoff teams felt shunned. Hurt. Bamboozled. Now, Edmondson has heroically agreed to wear cutoff tees for the rest of the NFL, so even the Giants, who missed the playoffs by one game, get a sassy picture. Everyone wins!

Here are some photos from the shoot. The whole thing can be found here (not to worry, SFW as well). The Big Lead also has a behind-the-scenes video from Edmondson’s courageous decision to represent all 32 teams.