Pick Me: 24 Fantasy Running Backs Plead Their Case In Infographics

  • David Gonos

Pick-Me-Infographics-Top-24Last week, we shared with you three infographics for the top three picks in most Fantasy Football drafts this summer. This time, we’re sharing infographics of the top 24 running backs – this one’s eight times better!

One of the players highlighted in this group of 24 is Andre Ellington, who’ll carry the load for the Arizona Cardinals this year. Diminutive in stature, Ellington has been handled with kid gloves ever since he was drafted in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Head coach Bruce Arians told the Arizona Republic that they’d like to use more two-back sets and more two-tight end sets this season.

The Cardinals want to give Ellington about 20 or so touches per game, and they’d like to keep him from running too much between the tackles. This is for two reasons – 1. He’s much better in space, as he can dart around and make players miss in the open field. And 2. Going between the tackles is a great place for a smallish back to get crushed by duos of 300-lb. defensive linemen.

I see Ellington as an excellent RB2 in Fantasy Football, but an owner would be smart to snatch up a good RB3 as an emergency back if the Clemson product does get hurt.

Andre Ellington, Top 24 Fantasy Running Backs

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