Here’s A Pie Chart Of How Little Actual Football There Is In A Televised NFL Game

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You’ve probably heard some stats about how little football you get to watch in an NFL game… but you probably haven’t seen it in pie-chart form, and pie charts tell all. Pie charts are like pizzas you can’t eat.

Even pastors think NFL > church.

Damn. So, basically, you’ve got a combined ~5 slices of standing around and commercials, a slice and a half of crowd/coach/cheerleader shots, less than a slice of replays… and then there is literally not even half of a slice of game play.

Apparently football is not like pizza, because if someone brought you a tasty pie every Sunday but you couldn’t even eat half a slice, I think you’d tell that person to fuck off.

(Fuck off, Roger Goodell.)