Pint-Sized Packers Fan Tells Chicago Bears Mascot To ‘Deal With It, Bro!’

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have been relishing their rivalry this week, with Jermichael Finley and Lance Briggs exchanging barbs over whether or not the Bears are better with or without Brian Urlacher. Now a little girl is getting in on the action, but don’t let her exterior fool you, she can throw jabs with the rest of them.

Mason is eight years old and a resident of the greater Chicago area. However, both of her parents hail from Wisconsin and she is a cheese head through and through. So when Staley Da Bear, Chicago’s mascot, came to her elementary school to celebrate nutrition, Mason needed to overcome her fear of mascots, and tell Staley just who owns the Midwest football scene. Her mom wrote to Chicagoist:

This assembly was a big day for my girls because of all the heat they take (all in good fun of course). The funniest thing about it, is Mason is deathly afraid of anything in a mascot uniform, but I guess she thought this was her duty as a Packer fan. Her exact words to Staley were. “Deal with it, Bro!”

If the Packers can beat the Bears this Sunday at Soldier Field, they will secure the NFC North title. Madison has already secured a place in our hearts.

[via Shutdown Corner]