These Artistic Renderings Of NFL Matchups By A Pixar Animator Will Make You Miss Football

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Not like you needed any more reason to miss football (I too can’t believe it’s only been two days, help me out here folks), but we couldn’t let this one slip through the cracks. Pixar animator Austin Madison sketched up a few “fantasy” football matchups, by which I mean actual fantasy. Please, let the art speak for itself.

Madison’s credits include animation on, and in some cases lending his voice and providing additional production support for, Ratatouille, Up and Toy Story 3. He is clearly well versed in the movie animation industry, but perhaps some of his coolest work is undoubtedly on his blog, where he posts “fantasy” sketches of various topics of pop culture and sports. Including a quarter-by-quarter interpretation of the Super Bowl, Madison has artistically interpreted several NFL matchups. Let’s look at the best.

Saints vs. Panthers

Browns vs. Colts

Bears vs. Cardinals

Titans vs. Dolphins

Bengals vs. Chiefs

Here’s a gallery of the rest. Hope this fulfills your insatiable desire for American football at least for the time being. Sorry we can’t do more.

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