Playboy Playmates Tebowing? Sure, Why The Hell Not

  • Dan Fogarty

Photos via Buzzfeed by way of With Leather.

Tebowmania gave us a lot over this long, strange football season. It gave us some thrilling comebacks. It gave us some lessons in leadership. It gave us a good SNL sketch (these are tough to come by these days, so we really appreciated it).

It also gave us the internet fad known as “Tebowing,” that practice of kneeling down in prayer (which Tim Tebow likes to do, in case you were unaware) against increasingly wacky backdrops. Because Tebow’s inspiring run ended in New England on Saturday night, the country will (thankfully) get a momentary reprieve from Tebowmania. And what better way to mark this reprieve than with a gallery of Playboy playmates Tebowing? America!

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