Police Release Dash-Cam Video From Morning Before Jovan Belcher’s Murder-Suicide

  • Joe Levine

The Kansas City Police Department has released a dashboard camera video from an early morning encounter with Jovan Belcher just hours before he killed his girlfriend and later himself.

As you’ll see, the video starts with the police checking in on a parked, running car that turns out to have Belcher inside, sleeping in the driver’s seat and smelling of alcohol. Apparently, Belcher was napping outside of his other girlfriend’s home. The police suggest he head back inside to, you know, sleep in a bed like a human, but Belcher replies that he has to “deal with my other girl, man.” Charming.

The video eventually ends with Belcher walking away, presumably to the home of his girlfriend who isn’t Kasandra Perkins.

Take a look at the video itself. Audio kicks in at the 4:57 mark.

Such a completely unfortunate and tragic turn of events, but hopefully this story now becomes more about mourning Kasandra Perkins and less about Jovan Belcher.

[Busted Coverage]