What It’s Like To Have The Most Unfortunate Name Ever

  • Dan Fogarty

It’s tough when you share a name with the most hated person in the country. Just ask Gerry Sandusky, longtime radio announcer for the Ravens and one of Baltimore’s most popular local sportscasters, whose name sounds exactly like Jerry Sandusky’s, the former Penn State assistant coach who faces 40 counts of sexually abusing children.

In the past two weeks, Gerry estimates that he’s gotten “a thousand” new Twitter followers. As you would expect, most of those new followers assume he’s Jerry Sandusky, and have taken to shaking their heads at him in disgust, asking him if he’s the guy who sexually assaults kids in the shower, and making jokes about the rough time he’s going to have in jail. Not surprisingly, Gerry’s Twitter feed has essentially turned into him telling people he’s not that guy.

Somehow, being mistaken for Jerry Sandusky multiple times a day has not caused Gerry to lose his mind. And amazingly, it hasn’t stopped him from being a gentleman, either — he recently told Esquire he hopes to handle this as “elegantly” as he can, and that by showing humor in this tough situation, he can “be a light for someone with far more serious problems.”

Also, he’s thankful to his late mom for using a “G” to spell his first name.

Photo via Keith Allison, h/t Reddit