Which New York Tabloid Went Crazier Over The Tim Tebow Trade?

  • Glenn Davis

There are many reasons to be intrigued by the New York Jets’ Tim Tebow experiment, but most of them can’t be answered until the season starts months from now. There was near-instant gratification to be had, though, on this question: how would some of the more… let’s say passionate members of the New York media react to the news? Mike Francesa gave us a taste yesterday, but today, we got what we were really waiting for: tabloid front pages. Here’s what the Daily News came up with:

And as for what their counterparts at the Post cooked up:

While both papers went all-in on Tebow (and we’d expect no less from either), we’ll have to give the Post the nod (and we’d expect nothing less from them than to go the extra mile with their craziness). It’s a great Tebow smile on that Daily News cover, but the ‘AMEN!’ seems a little… tame. The Post, on the other hand, used a bit of trademark wordplay, and we love that image of a half-Tebowing Tebow as a larger-than-life figure, looking down on Times Square in a way that appears, well, almost godlike.

Even the Post, though, can get much more irreverent than what they did here. They did this with Jeremy Lin after one bad game. Given all the consternation over whether Tebow is actually, you know, any good, we expected they might be a little cheekier to begin with. Maybe they’re saving it up for whenever Tebow makes a bad play. Or they’re saving it for the off chance he ever declares solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Then, they’d be ruthless.

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out to us that the Post’s back page was meaner than its front, if more toward the Jets organization than Tebow himself. Make no mistake; they’ll bring it the first time Tebow is either dropped for a loss on a designed run or throws a medium-range pass into the ground. UPDATE 2: The Daily News went a little nuts on the back page, too. Understandable, we guess: try to look a little more buttoned-down on the cover everyone sees first. Still, this is nothing compared to what will happen if Tebow ever wins – or costs – the Jets a game.

Photos via Newseum