Power Ranking The Most Offensive Team Names In Sports History

  • Rick Chandler

The granddaughter of George Preston Marshall is the latest person to stand up against the Washington Redskins nickname, and that’s rather significant. George P. Marshall was the original owner of the team, and as you may know, was the last NFL owner to integrate.

Marshall only drafted his first two black players in 1962 because the John F. Kennedy administration told him he had to. Washington’s stadium was on federally-controlled land, and Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall had threatened to kick the team out if it didn’t comply.

Now Jordan Wright, 65, is speaking out against the nickname.

“It’s about respect,” Wright said this week from her Alexandria, VA, home. “If even one person tells you that name, that word you used, offends them, then that’s enough. That should be enough.”

The plot thickens, as current owner Daniel Snyder gets another brick thrown his way. The last big blow to Snyder and the faction who want to keep the name came from the U.S. Patent office, which ruled earlier this year that the name was defamatory, and therefore would not renew the team’s license to protect it.

So we’ll see what happens. But for now, please note that there were, once upon a time, many sports nicknames which were just as bad — or worse. And hey, some are still in use today. Let’s take a look at a few.

Redskins is still our No. 1 pick, but here are seven more: