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Predicting 11 Crazy 2017 Sports Headlines to Mirror An Insane 2016

  • David Gonos

COVER-Romo- 2017 Sports Headlines

For the past month, as we’ve prepared for the calendar to turn from one year to the next, all we’ve heard about is how ugly 2016 really was. There were plenty of crazy things that happened this year, no doubt, but let’s put aside all of the horribly sad ‘80s pop star deaths and crazy election news, and look solely at the insane sports events we’ve witnessed.

We thought we’d put all of that into perspective now, using what we’ve experienced over the past 12 months to wonder what will 2017 be like?

If one unlikely team won a championship in 2016, what team is the equivalent that will win in 2017?

What Will 2017 Be Like – According to Crazy 2016 Sports Events

This isn’t necessarily a predictions piece, telling you who will win this year. But instead, it’s an exercise to explain just how amazingly crazy 2016 really was.

Photo Credit: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Getty Images

David Gonos

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