Princess The Super Bowl Picking Camel Dies Before The Super Bowl

  • Rick Chandler

It’s too bad, because I was honestly looking forward to Princess matching her Super Bowl pick with our Matt Rudnitsky and CBS’ Pete Prisco. The camel, who gained fame by correctly picking six of the past seven the Super Bowl winners — including the Giants over the favored Patriots in 2012 — had to be euthanized because arthritis in her legs made it impossible to stand. Ironically, she died on Wednesday: hump day.

Also ironic: Princess lived at the Popcorn Park Zoo in New Jersey, and this year’s Super Bowl will be played in that state. Princess had picked regular-season games as well, and during one stretch in 2008, chose 17 of 22 games correctly, including the Steelers to win Super Bowl XLIII. Going into this season, she was 88-51 lifetime. The camel was 26.

So what are we to do? The next greatest prognosticating animal is a cat: Mr. Nuts, from Fremont, CA. Mr. Nuts makes his picks in a slightly less dignified way than Princess did: he has two litter boxes with the names of each team, and the one he uses designates the predicted loser. Mr. Nuts has correctly predicted that past three Super Bowls, plus the 2012 Presidential election, and the fact that Prince William and Kate would have a boy.

Da Rter (darter22)
She knew who was going to win the game. She knew too much. That’s why she had to die. Don’t mess with the point spread in Jersey.
18 Jan 6:59 AM