Fans Brawl As Tempers Run Hot At The Pro Bowl, Noted High-Intensity Event

  • Glenn Davis

Football is an intense viewing experience. People enjoy consuming alcohol when they watch it. This is a volatile combination, and helps lead to moments like this. And this. And this. And many, many more that don’t find their way on camera. And those are just for the regular games, filled with mediocre teams and marginal players. Imagine if you took all the league’s best players and put them on the same field. A sort of bowl game for the best of the pros… a Pro Bowl, if you will. Imagine how intense that game would get. That’s how it works, right?

Well, in the fans’ case, yes:

If anything, this is proof that the “intensity of football + alcohol = brawl” equation, the “alcohol” portion needs to be weighted much more heavily than the “football” portion, maybe something like .25(intensity of football) + .75(alcohol) = brawl. Well, in this case it was probably more like .01(football) + .99(alcohol). Plus one should probably make room for other variables like “latent anger issues,” but for our purposes we’ll keep the calculation simple. And if you want proof of what was more intense last night, the fans or the players… well, just check where the players on the sideline are looking. No one can resist the allure of people getting very angry for no reason.

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