QB Coach Says He’s Fixed Tim Tebow’s Throwing Motion With Tai Chi

  • Rick Chandler

Steve Clarkson is a quarterback coach of some renown who has tutored such players as Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart, Matt Barkley and Jimmy Clausen, and recently was asked to take a look under the hood and fix Tim Tebow. Specifically Tebow’s throwing motion, which many say is what’s keeping him from being a starter in the NFL.

I say that if God couldn’t do it, what chance does Clarkson have? But the coach disagrees. He says he’s tinkered with Tebow’s mechanics (mostly footwork), and has ironed out the problem. The secret? Getting Tebow to use his entire body in one throwing motion, which was accomplished through, among other things, Tai Chi. Newsday:

“There was a lot of Tai Chi that we kind of put into his workouts where we really taught him to make his body work as one unit,” said Clarkson, who said he was contacted by Tebow’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, to work with the quarterback in the offseason. “Most people who watch him will say for the most part that he has his moments when he throws in rhythm, he throws quite well. It’s when he had to reset himself, that’s when he would tend to get off balance and the ball would come off in an unnatural manner.”

Has Tebow solved the problem?

“There’s no question he can [shorten his throwing motion]” Clarkson said. “The things that he needs to work on are very coachable and actually very minor.”

(By the way: Tebow’s other quarterback coach, Devin Kyle, is not really down with any of this).

Clarkson also said that Tebow needed to drop about 12 pounds to “recover his athleticism”, which he said he has done.

Now all that is left is for Tebow to wander the West like David Carradine in Kung Fu, searching for that one NFL team that will give him another shot. I don’t quite recall: did Kwai Chang Caine ever make it to Canada on that show?