Queen Latifah Takes A Different, No Less Awesome Route With Her National Anthem Rendition (Video)

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

By no means was Queen Latifah’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner bad. In fact, it was sung very, very well. It was just, you know, a little unorthodox.

But certainly not unpleasant. I for one was a big fan of Latifah’s gospel spin on the national anthem, backed up by a choir of her own and a brisk snare. On top of that, the flag bearers were waving the red,white, and blue, which was a cool flair that fit nicely with the pace of the anthem.

Most of all though, the players seem really into it, which is just fine for the first game of the NFL season. They are excited. They are pumped. Nothing like a more upbeat version of the Star Spangled banner to keep the adrenal glands working.

Also, football.

[Video via CJ Fogler]