Raiders And Chargers Fans Ended The Season With A Brawl That Got An Entire Section Kicked Out

  • Glenn Davis

San Diego. One of the happiest large cities in America, says science. One of our nation’s most desirable cities to live in. Hell, its nickname is “America’s Finest City.” You go to San Diego, you’ll be filled with nothing but good moods and love for your fellow man and nah jk you’ll get into a giant fight at a Chargers game:

OK, yeah, that video was more brawl breakup than brawl proper, but: did you see how many people they kicked out? Even for a division game, and even for Raiders fans being involved, that’s a lot of crowd ejections. And for a closer look at exactly how empty the section was after security cleared things out:

In fairness, looking around the rest of the upper deck, the section probably wasn’t full to begin with, but it had more people than that. Rooting for the Raiders involves a Black Hole, all right – a black hole into which all joy enters, never to return. Not even if you’re in beautiful San Diego – which, incidentally, wasn’t all that beautiful on Sunday. Weather must have known the Raiders were in town.

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