Raiders Take Terrelle Pryor. Of Course They Do.

  • Glenn Davis

This was the only way for the Terrelle Pryor drama to end, right? With him heading to the Oakland Raiders in the third round of the supplemental draft? The Raiders – the team most infamous for (over)valuing raw physical gifts – would take Pryor, and they would take him “definitely higher than he thought he would be picked,” according to Adam Schefter on SportsCenter. Pryor does have potential: he was a great college player, he’s a great athlete, etc. But the general thought is his QBing skills just aren’t developed enough for him to make a big impact at the position in the NFL.

As far as the supplemental draft, here’s how the process works, since for all the talk of the supplemental draft itself, there was little discussion (that we heard, anyway) of its internal workings. It’s sort of an odd endeavor – there were no first- or second-round picks in today’s edition. How exactly does that happen? gave it a rundown last year, and it goes like this: if a team wants a player, it submits a bid for that player, specifying in what round they would hypothetically draft that player, were he eligible for the normal draft (okay, this is sounding weirder than we thought).

The team who makes the highest bid for the player gets that player…but it also loses an equivalent pick in the following year’s draft. That means the Raiders have Pryor…but they’re now without a third-round selection in the 2012 draft. It’s on Pryor to make them look good, and the Raiders’ recent draft picks don’t have the greatest history of making the team look good. But hey, you never know who might buck the trend – and at least the Terrelle Pryor saga is over except for the football. That, we think, is an idea we can all get behind.

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