The Rams Asked Brett Favre To Come Out Of Retirement, And He Turned Them Down

  • Eric Goldschein

brett favreThis is not a joke. Adam Schefter reported this morning that the St. Louis Rams actually reached out to 44-year-old Brett Favre — the same 44-year-old Brett Favre who hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010 — to see if he would unretire and play for them this season.

And he gave them a very un-Brett Favre-like, definitive “No.”


From the report:

After the team lost Bradford to a season-ending knee injury, St. Louis called Brett Favre on Sunday night, asking if the 44-year-old retired quarterback who is now a grandfather, would be willing to leave his farm to plow through the back half of the Rams’ schedule, league sources said.

Favre was asked about the Rams’ interest in an interview with ESPN 570 Radio in Washington on Thursday and made it clear he is not returning to the NFL.

“It’s flattering, but you know there’s no way I’m going to that,” he said.

When reports surfaced earlier this week that the Rams had considered giving Tim Tebow a look, everyone laughed (although I didn’t hate the idea nearly as much as some people), because there are plenty of other NFL-quality backups who could take over the Rams job. These career backups won’t necessarily win games for the Rams, but the Rams don’t need to win games. They’re 3-4 in the NFC West. They need to finish out the season and reload for another run next year.

What they don’t need: A media circus that would threaten to “break Twitter” if an ancient Brett Favre came hobbling into town to play nine games for a team that isn’t in contention.

Even though Favre’s agent says the ex-QB is in great shape, there would be literally nothing to gain for the Rams to bring Favre aboard — and Favre knows that.

Who in the Rams organization is throwing around these terrible ideas? First Tebow, now Favre? Is a Ryan Leaf signing next? Whoever made that call to Favre, if it was even slightly in earnest, should probably lose his or her job.

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