Rams Coach Blows Up Tony Dungy's 'Michael Sam Is A Distraction' Theory: 'Absolutely Not'

  • Eric Goldschein

michael sam jeff fisher

Everyone knows that Tony Dungy’s “there would be distractions” comment about Michael Sam was just thinly veiled homophobia. Even if Dungy is just saying what a bunch of NFL teams are thinking, Rams coach Jeff Fisher — the only guy who was willing to take on those hypothetical distractions himself — blew a hole in that theory today by refuting Dungy outright.

Fisher was on “Mike and Mike” this morning and was asked a very specific question: Has Sam been a distraction so far? Answer: “Absolutely not.” Here’s video:

Well then. That settles it, right? (Of course not. Wait until Sam [probably? maybe?] gets cut and has to find a new team, and this starts all over again.)