Randy Moss Grows Older, Wiser, Cockier Before Our Eyes

  • Jake O'Donnell

Long ago, a young Randy Moss hemmed and hawed at media day, reluctant to consider himself the greatest receiver ever. “I don’t think to be the greatest receiver ever,” he modestly proclaimed about one second into answering a question about his legacy. But that was then, this is now. Four seconds later (apparently enough time to come around on the idea of being the best ever), Randy changed his tune: “Now that I’m older, I do think that I’m the greatest receiver to ever do it.”

Assuming “do it” means “play wide receiver” and not “have sex,” Randy Moss just said he didn’t think he was the greatest wide receiver ever but he DID think he was greatest wide receiver ever. Because he was older. Four seconds older.

Apparently in the four-second span of time between these incompatible stances on his legacy, Dr. Moss forgot who Jerry Rice was. He alluded to his “numbers” not being the best way to judge a players value, and instead pointed to his impact on the field. Stuff you can’t find in the box score. Like mooning.

A compelling case he makes, indeed. As he so eloquently postulates, “I don’t think numbers stand,” because, of course, then you can just “point to this and this.” By “this”, he clearly means number of Super Bowls (Moss = 0, Rice = 3), whilst “this” must mean the meaningless statistic of career receiving yards (Moss = 15,292, Rice = 22,895).

Don’t agree with Randy? Give it a couple seconds…

[Shutdown Corner, Getty Images]